Renovia And LumeNS Are In Good Hands With Marc Beer

Marc Beer is a long time pharmaceutical expert and businessman. Marc brings more than 20 years of experience to the table at Renovia as a biotech company he founded, and he has spent most of his career working throughout different fields of medicine. Renovia is currently focusing on a unique area when it comes to the medical industry known as Pelvic Floor Disorder. This issue is relatively untalked about, but it affects more than 200 million women worldwide with varying degrees of severity.


Marc Beer is technically the co-founder of Renovia, but he acts as the Chief Executive Officer and maintains daily operations at the company. He is majorly concerned with Renovia’s research and where they will go in the next five to ten years. As a beacon of hope, the latest series of funding conducted by Marc Beer pulled in an impressive 42 million dollars to further extend research and product development. While Renovia currently has an FDA approved a product to treat Pelvic Floor Disorder, the funding is critical in order to take its products further along the development line to be capable of treating the hundreds of millions of women around the world that need assistance for this disorder.


Marc believes the technology they are creating at Renovia, that others have been so generous to fund, will be able to be used in other areas of medicine in the future. For now, Pelvic Floor Disorder is the focus at Renovia and their first product that is going out to help women is Leva. It is the only one of four products that Renovia is currently working on that has been approved, the others have yet to finish testing.


In the past, Marc Beer has developed some of his very own products in the pharmaceutical industry, which is why he is now heavily focused on Renovia. By operating a serious biotech company, FDA approval came much easier for him this time around. While Marc is the CEO for Renovia, he also maintains other positions as well, including Good Start Genetics chairman and Miami University Business board member. Women all over the world that are dealing with Pelvic Floor Disorder finally have some hope ahead of them with Renovia and their product, Leva.


Through his demonstrated success in the past in Biotechnology, especially at Renovia, Marc Beer was brought in as a Chairman of the Board for LumeN XT. LumeN XT offers an advanced platform in illumination to provide heat reduction to bring about more accurate surgeries and lower cost options that are disposable. Learn more: