Raffaele Riva Has Achieved Respect For His Business Endeavors Across A Number Of Sectors:

Businessman Raffaele Riva is known for his 2008 founding of the AUREA Multi-Family Office. Since that time, he has since remained active within the business as a partner. He also continues to hold a co-ownership stake with AUREA Multi-Family Office. Throughout his career, Raffaele Riva has been notable for the founding of several different successful businesses that include Milano Fiduciaria and Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia SA, to name a few. He also continues to hold a role as a Chairman with these firms. Areas such as the real estate sector and management of wealth and assets are fields that Raffaele Riva has excelled in. His reputation for excellence is well-established in these fields.

Between the years of 1997 and 2008, the career of Raffaele Riva included a significant amount of work in the area of advisory services. During this time period, he focused his efforts on areas such as the restructuring of corporate entities and estate planning. He also served as a Senior Executive with a major conglomerate company between the 1992 and 1996 calendar years. In all of these positions, his attention to detail and his innovative thought process helped him to garner a large amount of success.

The sound educational background that Raffaele Riva acquired has helped him in his path as a business professor. He attended the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in 1987 where he attained an economics degree. During this degree, he focussed on areas that include banking laws, acquisitions, financing, and mergers. This knowledge has served Raffaele Riva well since that time period. He also attained his qualification as a Qualified Accountant in 1989 by studying at Dottore Commercialista. This was yet another piece of knowledge that has given Raffaele great insight into the types of business sectors that he has worked over the years.