“Paul Saunders Discusses Effects of Burn Out “

Many employees confess to experiencing burn out in the process of doing their work- it is a common phenomenon in many workplaces. Some confess to experiencing it regularly while others only experience it once in a while. How each one of them performs is dependent on how they feel about the workplace. If good terms are guiding the workplace environment, then there is no doubt that workers will be giving their all to the success of the organization. Unfortunately, there are many workplaces where the working environment is toxic, and workers are fighting severe burnout.


Burn out is created by excessive emotional or physical stress. Anyone who is ready to make a difference should be focused on helping employees to gain confidence in their workplaces. A workforce that is motivated will at the end affect the overall performance of a business. It is therefore important for any wise business leader to encourage his employees to give all the best to the organization so that there can be a success for all players in the organization. One problem that is created by burnout in a workplace is that many employees will tend to offer mediocre services since even if they work hard, the efforts will not be appreciated. Long gone are the days when employees would be treated as spanner boys who would only take orders from the young leaders with no input.


Any business person who wants to be exempted must consider involving the employees in the management process. Workers have important points that can contribute to the success of a business, and therefore they deserve to be listened to and given an opportunity to air their opinions. According to the CEO of James River Capital, Paul Saunders, business owners need to understand that they are team leaders and not dictators. This should not dictate what will happen but rather help the team they lead to come up with plans that will work for the benefit of the organization.


Making employees feel that they play an important role in an organization will motivate them to work hard. Burnout in workplaces is caused by business leaders who do not care to listen to the employees and only make unilateral decisions. From organizations that appreciate the role of employees, it is clear that there are benefits that can be achieved by making employees part and parcel of business management.


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