Paul Mampilly shows others how to invest profitably

When it comes to smart investments, very few professionals can match the experience of Paul Mampilly. He is one of the reputable investment gurus in the United States due to the track record he has maintained over a period of close to three decades. Since he joined the financial sector in 1991, he has concentrated on building a great career as an investment researcher and analyst. He began his career as an assistant portfolio manager with an organization known as Bankers Trust before moving on to other larger institutions.

Paul Mampilly impressed many organizations because he was able to deliver great results like never seen before. His understanding of the market made him one of the most sought after fund managers in Wall Street. In 2006, Paul was the hedge fund manager of Kinetics Asset Management, an organization that had assets worth $6 billion at the time. He worked with this organization for a few years and helped it to raise its net worth $25 billion.

Paul left Wall Street after making sure that his reputation as an investor will last for a long time. In 2008-2009, he participated in the Templeton Foundation competition, which brought together the best traders in Wall Street in a competition that would determine who was the best in Wall Street. Each received $50 million as investment capital, and the winner would be the one who would get the highest return rates. The competition lasted for one year, and at the end of it, Paul Mampilly emerged the winner after recording 76 percent return.

Paul Mampilly is committed to the journey of imparting knowledge in the average American investors. He is concerned that there is still a lack of information about investments in the majority of Americans. Very few people can make profitable investments since they lack persons to guide them. Paul Mampilly has taken up the mandate of helping thousands of American investors on how they can make money from the stock market. He has started a newsletter known as Profits Unlimited which contain tips on how to become a successful investor. The newsletter currently attracts over 100000 subscribers.

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