Papa John’s Ceo Steve Ritchie Pushing for Diversity and Inclusion

Steve Ritchie is Papa John’s serving Chief Executive Officer (CEO) a position that allows him to oversee the running of Papa John’s; one of the most iconic brands in America and overseas. There is a section of Papa John’s critics that are calling for more inclusion and diversity at the brand and Steve Ritchie’s message on social media after assuming the chief executive officer’s position shows that the senior-most executive at Papa John’s has the interests of the brand’s clients, shareholders, and stakeholders at heart.

Steve Ritchie posted a message on social media that read, “you expected more and better from Papa John’s, and so did we.” Thanks to technology, there are channels and avenues that clients can use to voice their satisfaction or displeasure with a firm or its services as evident from Papa John’s case. The food outlet’s clients expressed their anger on social media, and this explains Steve Ritchie’s decision to use a social media platform to share some of the steps Papa John’s is taking to correct its recent missteps.

One of the issues Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie touched on in the open letter to the firm’s clients is the recent completion of the unconscious bias training by the brand’s employees. According to the open letter, all employees working at Papa John’s outlets across America will undergo a compulsory unconscious bias training. Other than having unconscious bias training, there will be an independent social audit performed at Papa John’s.

Steve Ritchie’s open letter to Papa John’s clients also reveals that several of the inclusion and diversification efforts at the household food brand will be under investigations and various recommendations are expected to arise. Ritchie’s open letter ended by stating that, as a brand, Papa John’s is committed and is focusing on ways to improve both inclusion and diversity.