The OSI Group is a company everyone might familiar with if they have eaten fast food. They were the first supplier of hamburger for the McDonalds restaurant chain. Since 1955 they have been a partner in the McDonald’s food chain and since then the OSI Group has become an international company in 17 different countries…. Read Article →

Article Text: Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian based investment advisor and analyst. Mr. Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil on October 4, 1947. He has well over 30 years professional experience in the banking, investment and finance industry. Mr. Cornelsen is known for working to solve economic issues in the banking industry as well as… Read Article →

When it comes to technological innovation, is not lagging behind. The e-commerce giant recently opened two innovate stores located inside the Beijing Capital International Airport and the Hohhot East Railway Station. This is a part of the company’s boundary-less retail strategy, described as a technique wherein will be providing a huge selection of… Read Article →

Talkspace is a therapy app that people use every day to get in touch with the therapist of their choice. They need someone that they can talk to, but they often do not know how they will get in touch with someone. The Talkspace format is much easier to use than other therapy platforms, and… Read Article →

Serge Belamant is one of the original innovators of blockchain technology. He studied at Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University and focused on computer science and technology while there. He has worked within many different industries during his career and has earned himself a solid reputation for his coding skills. In 1989, he created his first company, which… Read Article →

Organo Gold has spent the last decade making an impact on the lives of people all across the globe. Created by Bernardo Chua, Organo has been on a mission since their beginning to help people improve their health. The companies original mission was to produce a range of healthy bioactive coffee products. Their mission has… Read Article →

The prominent Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas, is home to some of the finest plastic surgeons in the game. One of the very best just so happens to be known as Sameer Jejurikar. This particular surgeon is board-certified, and he has a heart of gold. When it comes to patient reviews, this man… Read Article →

Matthew Fleeger is the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western LLC. The company manages oil and gas partnerships along the Gulf coast. They do this by exploiting their expertise, resources and the experience in the industry under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger. Before being a successful person in the oil and gas industry, Mathew… Read Article →

Sergey Petrossov is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company that’s known by the name of JetSmarter. He has been positively acknowledged for his youth, too. He’s been recognized by Consumer Technology for his accomplishments before reaching the age of 30 years. Sergey Petrossov is an individual who has a zeal for employing his… Read Article →

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