When you are talking about Kisling Nestico & Redick you are talking about a law firm that not only knows how to help people who need a personal injury attorney. What makes this particular law firm so much more special, is they are also always looking to help outside the courtroom and out of the… Read Article →

  When it comes to those who are looking for something different in the mobile phone or tablet charger, it appears the device for them is almost here. The MAGFAST family of chargers is set to release later this summer and that should be good news for everyone who is tired of looking at a… Read Article →

Managing Director Daniel Michalow’s employment contract was recently terminated for allegedly being sexually inappropriate with women at the workplace. The whole situation turned out to be a nuisance not only to Michalow, but also to DE Shaw because its image was tainted. Additionally, the situation revealed the little dirty secrets behind the closed doors of… Read Article →

MAGFAST is a technology startup that offers a family of wireless chargers. Five chargers work together to provide power to nearly every device out there, including Samsung and Apple ones. The family of chargers was the idea of entrepreneur Seymour Segnit. There are six chargers that magnetically attach. The WallCharger provides a wireless charging solution… Read Article →

As someone passionate about football, Gino Pozzo has owned three European football clubs. These are Udinese Calcio F.C., Gibraltar F.C., and Watford F.C. Both of his parents, Gianpaola and Giuliana Pozzo, avid football enthusiasts who rubbed off on him in a big way. It was in 1986 that his family bought its first football club…. Read Article →

MaurícioMendonça Godoy was a child who dreamed of entering the construction industry from a very early age, and this dream slowly began to manifest itself into reality as he learned how to apply himself. Business is a field that absolutely, in his experience, requires you to give it your all, so the fact that he… Read Article →

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