OSI Group Transforms With McDonald’s Partnership

Over 50 years ago, the McDonald’s brand formed a partnership with a local meat supplier. Otto & Sons went into business with McDonald’s and developed the strongest alliance in American history. Otto & Sons were well-established by the time McDonald’s founder approached the sons.

Otto & Sons began as a little butcher shop and retail meat market in Oak Park, Chicago. Otto Kolschowsky moved to Chicago in 1907, a German immigrant looking to make a better life for his family. Like many immigrants, Kolschowsky found his place in a community consisting mostly of his fellow people.

He opened the butcher shop to serve his community, and that’s what he did. Through wars and suffering, Kolschowsky’s butcher shop remained a meat supplier for the city of Chicago. Even after moving the company to Maywood and expanding into the wholesale market, his business remained a small but vital part of American life in the Midwest.

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When Otto reached retirement age, his sons – Arthur and Harry – took over the company. In 1928, the company was rebranded Otto & Sons, and his sons started introducing their ideas. They continued running things pretty much the same until Ray Kroc approached them with an innovative idea.

Ray Kroc planned to open a family restaurant called McDonald’s and needed meat suppliers. He wanted Otto & Sons to become one of the hundreds. As Kroc’s idea for McDonald’s focused on improving the burgers, the franchise needed more and more meat every month.

To keep up with demand, Otto & Sons invested in cryogenic freezing technology. After opening a plant that solely supplied McDonald’s with fresh-frozen ground beef patties, the company forged a stronger relationship with McDonald’s. As the companies grew alongside each other, OSI Group stayed out of the public eye.

In 1975, the company underwent more changes, including changing the name to OSI Group. The brothers, then near retirement age, also brought Sheldon Lavin to lead the newly named company. Since then, Sheldon Lavin expanded OSI Group into 17 countries. OSI Group is the leading in the food industry today.

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