OSI Food Solutions – Supplying The World with Food

OSI Food Solutions Group is one of the largest food conglomerates of the world, and in itself, that is not major news. However, the big difference is that OSI began as a small family butcher shop in Chicago back in the early 20th century.

It was in the 70s when the OSI group signed a contract with McDonalds to become its meat patty producer that the company saw its first growth spurt. Since, then the OSI corporation has had the foresight to acquire companies that made food production faster, more efficient and more sustainable.

Today, OSI Food Solutions is the largest privately held food production company and offers job security to more than 20,000 people worldwide. It’s worldwide growth is largely due to the efforts of long-time CEO Sheldon Lavin. As of the 1970s, Mr. Lavin focused on bringing technology into the food production company, thereby making it more efficient, sustainable and affordable.

OSI food Group is currently valued at more than $6 billion USD and has more international holdings throughout the world. In the last decade, like many previous decades, the focus has been on implementing new, innovative food production methods to save time, create sustainable production methods and allow for cost effective production.

A few recent key acquisitions of the OSI Food Solutions group include a Tyson food plant and Flagship Europe, a division of Flagship Food Group with main offices in Denver, Colorado. The Tyson food plant was acquired to bring in food products such as mayonnaise, sauces, frozen poultry and more.

OSI Food Solutions now has more than 65 plants in more than 16 countries and is listed as 58th largest privately held company in the world. It is thanks to its innovative approach and its ability to meet the needs of other large food producer that has made the OSI Food Group the world leader it is today.

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