Nitin Khanna: An American Investor and Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna entrepreneur and investor and the Chief Executive Officer of MergerTech since 2009. Born in Chandigarh, Indi, he spent his early years attending one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Asia, the Lawrence School in Himachal Pradesh, Sanawar, India. Notable Alumni who have graduated from this school include CEOs of current global businesses such as Jasmit Singh Rana, the CEO of Gripwell Tools Industries and Mandeep Singh Sodhi, the CEO of Select Source International, Datawave Inc,  Nitin Khanna moved to the United States when he was 17 and settled in the city of Portland, Oregon. He earned his bachelor’s and his master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, in Portland. He also attended a PhD program for robotics and decided to pursue his other interests by founding his first software company, Saber software in 1999 with his brother.

Nitin Khanna and his brother developed and sold their software to 21 states who needed it to digitally manage their elections. His came on the heals of the Bush vs. Gore presidential election. Their company also sold other government services software such as software to run public retirement systems, DMV systems, child support and childcare. The company was sold and with this funding, he made various investments. In 2009, Nitin Khanna amassed enough money to create a new company known as MergerTech. As the CEO, he made the decision to focus on helping as many entrepreneurs as possible to as he could to build successful businesses within the mobile technology industry. He claims that Mergertech became the largest firm to function in this role in the United States. In an interview that gave on the website, he states that he has always focused much of his time on making sure that the companies he manages has the “right people.” He wanted to make sure that he had a good balance on sales and growth minded employees as well as day-to-day operational people. It takes both o run a successful company.