Nicolas Krafft Believes that Inclusivity Should Be a Major Part of the Fashion World

As an executive at L’Oréal, Nicolas Krafft has been focusing on empowering women through formulating and executing different agendas that are meant to make sure that the fashion industry has become competitive. L’Oréal Paris has served as a suitable platform when it comes to empowering women. Since the firm had set up a fashion event recently at River Seine, they were able to capture the attention of many fashion enthusiasts.

Many people attended the event. Fashion investors and designers were honored to attend the fashion event by L’Oréal Paris. Most people declared that the event was the future of fashion in Europe. The fashion event was the first of its nature to attract such a large audience. According to Krafft, that was just the beginning. Together with his team, they are focused on making sure that they have set up a larger and better fashion event in 2019.

Nicolas Krafft mentioned that inclusivity was one of the things that stood out at the fashion event. For many years, the fashion sector has neglected inclusivity. Nevertheless, Krafft and his counterparts saw it fit to ensure inclusivity had become a reality. The management team was happy to say that they would make sure more events would be conscious about inclusivity. Despite making sure that inclusivity was a part of the event, Krafft also made sure that some movie stars and designers were present.

The attendance was impressive. Some of the industry experts were also obliged to converse with some of the young and upcoming designers. The young designers were able to make some connections that would enhance the growth of their respective careers. Most of the investors who were invited by Nicolas Krafft were also focused on finding an idea that they would invest in. The event served as a platform whereby they would come across a variety of opportunities. Krafft also made sure that there was a large group of consumers. As an executive at L’Oréal Paris, he understands the importance of using a fashion event as a marketing tool. Besides his deep involvement in the fashion industry, Nicolas Krafft has also expressed his interest in the finance sector.