Newark Development Corporation’s Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright has worked as both financial expert and business leader in Baltimore, Maryland for more than ten years. While working in Baltimore, Kevin oversaw the operations of the government and private institutions. He is currently employed with Newark Development Corporation. Kevin Seawright has a background in accounting, thanks to the degree he earned in the same field from Rocklands University.

During his career, Kevin has held various top positions some of which include an executive position within the Baltimore school system as a Chief Operating Officer. Besides, Kevin held the Finance Director’s position while working for Baltimore’s Department of Housing and Department of Parks and Recreations. View Kevin Seawright’s full profile at LinkedIn

Kevin’s experience as a financial strategist and manager has been beneficial to the companies and individuals he has worked with in the course of his career. Using his expertise, Kevin has been able to help numerous firms improve efficiency and increase returns while also saving these companies a great deal of money. Kevin helped the Baltimore Commission on Aging and Retirement save over $100,000 during his tenure there as the Fiscal Officer.

At his present job, Kevin has implemented strategies that have helped Newark Developed Corporation to reduce the rate of employee turnover. One such strategy has been including employees in business decisions.

Kevin Seawright is a philanthropist. While living in Baltimore, he coached little league sports teams. He has been featured on numerous acclaimed media outlets including the New Jersey Business Journal.

The Business Leader, a leading business publication once credited Kevin’s parents for his milestones as a financial expert citing that they taught him the importance of managing money at an early age. Kevin’s interests and hobbies include sports, cars, and comedy; something evident on his social media handles.