Meet Smita Shah: Epitome of Women Soaring Great Heights

Smita Shah is famously known as the president of Spaan Tech, a company that was started in 1998 while she was just 24 years old. She is an Engineer licensed in different states who has an extensive education background, a great expert in the industrial sector, influential in the business field and highly ranked speaker. Her company deals with the building of roads, bridges among other activities such as working with tech companies to integrate them to the public system.


She among others has received numerous business achievement awards and has also served under white house administration. She is recognized for her zeal to strengthen bonds internationally and also provide inspiration and mentorship to young future leaders. She also possesses specialties in Engineering, Program Management, and Construction Management.


Smita Shah visited the Steve Cochran Show for an interview whereby the topic of discussion was about the importance of Engineering and how she had been doing Science, technology, Engineering, and math.


She said that her plan when starting the company was for people who were talented to come together and work on great projects thereby making a difference and build communities. She went further to say that being different in her class was unique. She pursued math and science while in school.


Her belief was that women should get into math and science and go further to pursue Engineering courses. From her interview, she said that she greatly thinks that math and science is a fundamental building block for people’s lives and that one can enjoy doing math and science. Learn more:


When asked about the challenges that she faced when starting her company, she said that her naivety would not allow her to care about whether it would be challenging to begin the whole process or whether the company would fail. She thought the worst that could happen was that her company would fail and she would end up working for somebody else.


She goes ahead to say that it is not easy to start your own company, find new projects, engage new people and also find great talent but when starting Spaan Tech she took a small growth approach. This is where she started a small company and enjoyed opportunities to build the community.


Smita Shah gave a word of encouragement to the girls and women by clearly stating that there was a challenge of there not being enough women to pursue math and science. She further went ahead to say that engineering is a great profession to succeed and excel in. She also said that it was a great balance for the girls pursuing the Engineering profession. She says that women are few in the world who pursue Engineering but went ahead to say that they only should encourage one another and they should embrace the challenge and do better.

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