Matthew Fleeger on Succeeding in the Oil and Gas Business

Matthew Fleeger is the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western LLC. The company manages oil and gas partnerships along the Gulf coast. They do this by exploiting their expertise, resources and the experience in the industry under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger. Before being a successful person in the oil and gas industry, Mathew Fleeger started his career by studying marketing and finance from the Southern Methodist University. The knowledge acquired in college served as his great inspiration. Matthew later moved from one job to another for seven years where he acquired great leadership skills through different ranks. Matthew Fleeger also founded MedSolutions in 1993 which he sold for $59 Million in 2007 prior to joining Gulf Coast Western.

Gulf Coast Western was initially founded by Matthew Fleeger’s father in 1970. It has extended its operations in and outside Texas. The company has also developed mergers with other oil companies to expand its explorations and uncover other areas of prospects. The partnerships have also increased the daily oil units of production for the company.

Matthew Fleeger is known for his expertise in entrepreneurship, negotiation of contracts, team building, and strategic planning. Besides oil and gas, he is also an expert in tanning and waste management. In the tanning industry, Matthew Fleeger turned Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan companies from small businesses to combined revenue of $100 Million.

Matthew Fleeger is enthusiastic about the technological developments taking place in the oil industry. These have continued to create openings and proficiencies in the industry. His success in business is built on the principles of creativity, honesty, and integrity. Openness and being open to change are also key to growing the business. Focusing and prioritizing are Matthew Fleeger’s key motivators in becoming a productive leader. His determination will grow the oil in the gas company into greater achievements.

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