Matthew Fleeger: Creating Exponential Growth within the Gas and Oil Industry

Matthew Fleeger is a renowned businessman who is widely perceived by many in the gas and oil industry as being one of the most ingenious leaders in the field. Over the course of his 25+ years of professional service, Fleeger’s garnered credibility for resourcefulness and adaptability as a multi-talented industry expert stemmed from his exceptional work history of incredibly prosperous entrepreneurial roles. From having previously delved into the tanning industry as the founder of two enterprises that reached a combined revenue of $100 million and having had the experience of founding/overseeing the mass operations of his own waste management and medical transportation firm (MedSolutions), Matthew Fleeger attained key knowledge and business insight that prepared him for the grand executive role he fulfills today.

Today, Matthew Fleeger presides as the CEO/President/Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC.—a company Fleeger led to become one of the most affluent gas and oil corporations in the nation. Based out of Texas, Fleeger took over the family-owned business (founded by his father in 1970) with the primary intent of expanding throughout the Gulf Coast region (Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Colorado, and Oklahoma) via the combined operations of multiple partnerships. Under Fleeger’s authority, Gulf Coast Western recently entered a partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration that has enabled Gulf Coast Western to receive a vast amount of assets linked to Orbit Energy Partners in Lafayette, Louisiana. Nonetheless, through their partnerships with Orbit Gulf Coast and Orbit Energy, Gulf Coast Western has been able to significantly expand its gas and oil operations in the state of Louisiana. Furthermore, as prime leader over the company, Matthew Fleeger believes that Gulf Coast Western can continue to expand and maintain an impeccable reputation amongst other industries by providing minimal risks to investors/partners and instilling integrity within the company.