Matt Badiali Shares Natural Resource Investment Knowledge with Twitter Followers

Matt Badiali uses his social media account on the Twitter platform to share his content on the financial industry. The insight is based upon his work experience and education as a Geologist. Badiali shared information on freedom checks with followers. Freedom checks is a phrase Matt Badiali created which describes checks investors receive on either a quarterly or monthly basis from master limited partnership investments. Through master limited partnership investments, companies that receive 90% of their revenue from natural resources can provide dividend checks to investors.

Oil is another topic Badiali has addressed with his followers on Twitter. The bull market in the oil industry is not over based upon Badiali’s opinion. Investors can invest in oil and benefit from the continued increase in oil and receive income from this firm investment. There are oil stocks Badiali has identified which should make considerable returns. Badiali noted that readers can receive additional insight on oil investing from reading his content in the Real Wealth Strategist.

Another area Badiali wrote to investors about is the opportunity to invest in platinum. While platinum reached a low that it has not experienced since 2004, Matt Badiali feels it could rise substantially after the panic subsides regarding the trade war. Badiali is a supporter of the considerable disparities in the market and sees the opportunities that can arise in these situations. He advised his social media followers to consider purchasing platinum before the cost of this metal rises.

A concern Matt Badiali shared with readers is the possibility that gas prices will rise soon. Despite the decline in gas prices in recent years, Badiali believes that oil prices will increase. Higher oil prices will cause gas prices to rise to the level paid between 2011 and 2015. If the price rises to $4.00 per gallon a customer could pay over $1300 more in gas costs at gas stations.