Louis Chenevert: Beating The Odds And Heading The Biggest Aerospace Company In The World

Louis Chenevert has had an inspiring career history, having started out in the low-level management post in the automobile industry and ending up as CEO of united technologies. Even in retirement, equally big market influencers like Goldman Sachs continue to rely on his services and industry experience. But how did he get here? Here is the inspiring story of Louis Chenevert.


Early life and education


Born in Montreal, Quebec, Louis Chenevert had a relatively normal childhood. He joined Montreal University, the HEC Montreal Business School and majored in production management. During this time, his interest in entrepreneurship and business peaked and led him to understand the importance of hard work in achieving career success. These two nuggets of wisdom would manifest throughout his career life.


Starting out in the automobile industry


Armed with the production management degree at hand, Louis Chenevert quickly landed a position with General Motors when they opened up a new branch at St. Therese, Quebec. His career with the automobile manufacturer peaked when he was put in charge of the Montreal Assembly. While here, a friendship struck between him and the then company president, Guy Hachey Who pushed him to consider venturing into the aerospace industry.


Switching to the aerospace industry


After working with the General Motors plant in Montreal for 14 years, Louis Chenevert decided to transition to the aerospace sector. He would first secure a position with Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC), the Canadian outpost for the larger Pratt & Whitney in the United States. Pratt & Whitney was, in turn, a business division of United Technologies (UTC). Louis credits these business relations and his innovative approach to factory processes as the key drivers of his success in the new industry.


Heading UTC


While at PWC, Louis helped the manufacturer cut down on production costs by 10%. This saw him tapped to head its parent company in the United States. Here, he helped improve efficiency and company productivity and in effect made the company profitable in all its aspects of operations including design and manufacturing.


The contributions and achievements at PWC Canada and the United States earned him a position with UTC. He served as the leading aircraft manufacturer’s chief executive officer and chairman of the corporation before his retirement. Today, Louis works as a senior industry advisor for Goldman Sachs.