Looking Into The Contributions Of Serge Belamant In The Development Of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has managed to gain some prominence at the moment as a result of various types of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Serge Belamant is among the professionals who were responsible for the formation of blockchain of technology. Although he has not gained a lot of recognition for his efforts, he is still recognized as the patent holder of the blockchain technology.

Originally, blockchain technology was founded as a way of making sure that there would be more accuracy, security, and transparency in the finance sector. The technology was meant to solve various challenges since the current systems in the finance sector are becoming inefficient. The various individuals who have managed to transfer money from one nation to another can relate with some of the challenges present in the finance sector. Blockchain technology has a lot of potential, and it can also solve other challenges in different areas.

When creating the blockchain technology, Serge Belamant experienced a variety of challenges. Some of the issues he experienced included creating a client base that would benefit from the blockchain technology. Financial institutions would directly gain from the technology; nevertheless, the main issue was that these institutions were reluctant to utilize the blockchain technology. While serving at Net1 technologies, Serge Belamant was also honored to work with Visa. His main task was coming up with a chip that would ensure that people could transact when online and offline. He succeeded, and the chips are still in use to date.

Although Serge Belamant was not able to complete his studies, he was able to procure different job positions at companies that dealt with technology. Matrix Engineering Inc offered Belamant his first employment opportunity. Belamant was able to realize his potential while working at the firm. He would also form different applications that would have a variety of uses. One of the applications that he created made it possible to measure the water levels of the dams. It was possible to predict the periods when the drought would occur after analyzing the data gathered using the application. Belamant also went ahead to work in different firms, including SASWITCH.

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