Little Fish to Big Fish: OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a company that began as a very small company and now grown tremendously over the last century. The company was founded in Chicago in 1909 as Otto and Sons and became OSI Food Solutions in the early seventies. One of the companies big leaps took place in the 1950s when the company became the sole provider for McDonald’s hamburgers. While the influence of OSI Food Solutions has expanded greatly in the United States the company was looking to get a foot in the door for the European markets. Now the company has been able to achieve that and more.

One of the things that OSI Food Solutions has been able to do successfully is to partner with other companies in the market so all of them can be profitable. The company learns about the rules and regulations of European markets and makes sure to abide by them. Making sure that the company has the most modern equipment available in the market is key for the company to expand. Here are just a few things the company has done to make headway in the European market.

The company bought Baho Foods in 2017. Baho Foods is a Dutch company that makes deli meats and provides snacks and convenience foods for the public. This was one of the first big steps that the company took to get a foothold in this particular market. In 2017, the company will be opening a new facility in the Philippines. This is a new and emerging market that this company wanted to take advantage of. By making this new facility, this company will be reaching out to an underutilized area of the world. That is where the opportunity comes into play.

The company had started life as a little fish in a little pond. Now OSI Food Solutions has become the new standard by which other companies will be measured. It may have taken over a century to get where they are, but this company would not have it any other way. It earned the place at the top of the heap.

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