Lincolnshire Management is an autonomous equity company based in New York City. The company deals with financial services, banking, venture capital, and consulting. Moreover, the financial firm focuses on developing and empowering companies that exist in the middle market.

The Services that Lincolnshire Management Provides:

The private firm which was started in 1986 also has branches in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In addition to the above services, the company also provides the following services:

  • Private and public companies’ equity growth.
  • Recapitalizations.
  • Private company acquisitions.
  • Management buyouts.
  • Corporate divestitures.

Lincolnshire Management Clients:

Lincolnshire Management has employed professional and qualified employees. As a result, they provide effective services to their customers and clients. The firm’s portfolio of clients includes renowned firms such as True Temper Sports, Desch Plantak, Latite, Nursery Supplies, Allison Marine, and Dalbo Holdings among others.

These companies focus on business services, specialized manufacturing, and distribution among others. In a bid to endorse their bid for responsible investing, the company executed an officially written Environmental Social and Governance Policy document. Moreover, they equally strive to realize other fresh strategies that will boost the value of production and profits of the companies that deal with them. Generally, the financial company has a track record of devising effective clarifications to the challenges that the companies it deals with go through.

Lincolnshire Management also provides exceptional managerial services to these businesses. In addition to this, their experience in the operational arena also hugely benefits their clients. The company’s hands-on efforts cannot be underestimated in leading their clients to inevitable success.

Lincolnshire Management Investments:

The company has managed to invest in over 70 acquisitions during the last 30 years that the company has been in existence,. Furthermore, the versatility of the company has managed to steer it towards developing the firms that it deals with.

Recently, the company’s Equity Fund 1V acquired 835 million equity funds. In addition to this, Lincolnshire Management is in charge of more than 1.7 billion dollars of equity funds. The company accrues 1.6 million of revenue every year. However, the financial management company has projected that it will spend approximately 171.8 thousand dollars on IT.

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