Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Trying to Give Amazon Concern

In order to even get Amazon to consider paying attention to a competitor, they will need to be breaking all types of sales records in the fashion e-commerce market. Amazon is the leader in this market, selling 20 percent of all the merchandise in this very competitive niche. That being said, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is in a great position to really get Amazon to start paying a little more attention to them. In the last three years, sales numbers at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics just passed $250 million of women’s workout apparel.


To really get a better understanding as to why this particular athleisure brand is getting more attention than others in the same niche, all you need to do is ask the boss herself. Hudson has no issue telling anyone who asks that the success of her active-wear has to do mostly with reverse showrooming and numerous membership perks. Inside the Fabletics retail store in malls across the country, we find women inside shopping for all the latest in workout apparel, trying on all the clothing in the store, and even taking the store’s lifestyle quiz.


How this affects the fashion e-commerce market is quite unique. Each time a member tries on something in the Fabletics retail stores, those items are going to be uploaded to their online account, basically making it a breeze to continue on shopping at a later time. If the apparel fit perfectly in the store, and for whatever reason they left without making a purchase, now they can simply checkout online or add even more active-wear to their shopping cart. This is exactly the reason sales have been escalating year after year at this workout apparel company. When sizing is eliminated as a hurdle in the buying process, shoppers tend to go impulse shopping instead.


When we break down the huge amount of membership perks available at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, we discover this is the key to helping the company to be able to compete on the same level as Amazon. Fabletics customers enjoy discounts on workout apparel, free shipping, and help from a shopping assistant. Your assistant uses those quiz answers and will look over all the latest releases and pick something you may want to consider each month. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has decided that they are going to pamper customers and give them more than they are used to getting from similar clothing retailers like eBay or Amazon.

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