Jeremy Goldstien

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney within the greater New York City area. Mr. Goldstein is a highly respected attorney within a boutique law practice. Jeremy Goldstein provides expertise legal counsel within matters concerning Corporate Governance as well as Executive Compensation matters.


Jeremy Goldstien has great skill particularly when handling issues concerning Transformative events within an corporation. In addition, Mr. Goldstein interacts with Compensation Committees on a regular basis.


Jeremy Goldstien has been involved in handling a variety of corporate transactions and acquisitions. In addition, Goldstien chairs the Mergers and Acquisitions Sub Committee of the American Bar Association. Jeremy Goldstein successfully handled a major acquisition of Goodrich and Verizon Wireless.


Jeremy Goldstien believes in giving back to the community. Mr. Goldstien has served as the Director of Fountain House. Goldstien assumed the position of Director of Fountain House in 2008. Fountain House recognizes and supports people living with mental illness and disability. The organization helps find housing, jobs and medical care for those suffering from various forms of mental illness.


Jeremy Goldstien believes in trying to help those less fortunate improve the quality of their lives. It seems Goldstien has been quite successful with this en devour.


Jeremy Goldstien has some impressive education credentials. Goldstien graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. In addition, he graduated with a Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law.


Jeremy Goldstien is a highly respected attorney, however he is also respected as a person who is truly devoted to helping others.

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