Jeremy Goldstein’s Heart of Gold

All across the country are individuals in all professions of high morale character. Despite the hardships they may face, or how wealthy they are, these individual devote some of the resources to those who need it most. Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein is one of those individuals in the New York area. He has a good track record with winning cases in the court room, in addition to giving time back to the community around him. There are a few online articles that outline a recent pair of events he hosted.


As a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has connections with plenty of his peers and famous people across the country. PR Newswire describes how he used these connections to bring together a pair of wine parties. Some of the finest wine around was brought to the event, along with world famous Wine Dinner Chairs to liven the atmosphere. Between both events, all the guests had a wonderful time in the name of the Foundation House. He raised over $56,000 for the organization.


The Fountain House is an organization that tackles one of the greatest issue of our time. Mental Illness is a problem that affects millions across the globe. This organization has a mission to help those in need get an education, secure a job, and ultimately live independently in their own house. They heavily relay on donations from events like Jeremy Goldstein’s Wine Party to operate. The organization has been around for decades, and the results in the communities they serve has been eye opening. They have even expanded into other areas that needed help.


Jeremy Goldstein has a heart of gold with helping the community, but also a heart that wishes to see justice brought to his clients. The Foundation House is a beacon of hope for the community around them.


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