Jeremy Goldstein Organizes another Charitable Event to Help Raise Funds for Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein, a renowned philanthropist, and mental wellness ambassador will this year on May 21st organize a charitable wine dinner in honor of Jim Finkel. The wine dinner is set to be held at the Nomad Hotel Roofdeck and among the delicacies that will be served include a collection of wine vintages from E.Guigal. Those that will be interested in attending the dinner and contributing to the fantastic work of charity will be required to purchase tickets worth 5000 dollars. Jeremy Goldstein over the years has organized a series of wine dinners that are designed to help raise funds for the Fountain House Foundation. Goldstein for many years has served at the board of Fountain house. He has been at the forefront in helping the organization raise funds for its activities.

Fountain House Foundation was formed in 1944 by a group of likeminded individuals who had mental illness history. The organization was formally named fountain house in the year 1948 after buying a magnificent building that had a fountain at the garden. Since its formation, Fountain House has done a great work of providing mentally ill people with affordable housing and job opportunities. Fountain House mission and vision are to help other people, especially the mentally ill people, recover from their conditions, and lead a healthy life. The foundation has ensured it achieves its mission and objectives by providing mental illness people with proper housing as well as monetary support. Also, the organization has ensured that school dropouts and those wishing to continue with their education have access to proper education. The talented members of the foundation are also provided with the opportunity to showcase their talents and contribute positively to the community.

One thing that Fountain House has discovered over the years is that there is much stigma surrounding mental illness. Many people with the health condition are often left out of societal issues, and this is among the things that Fountain House seeks to address. Fountain House wants mental ill people in society to be recognized and also given equal opportunities as others. The organization intends to achieve this goal by advocating for the right of people who have already been diagnosed with the condition, increasing awareness of the condition and creating innovative programs that will encourage recovery among other things.

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney of high standings. He is a prominent New York-based lawyer and the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates. The law firm is a privately held law firm that focuses on providing clients with legal services in matters associated with executive compensation, mergers, and acquisitions, corporate governance as well as employment law, among others. Goldstein has created a name for himself in the legal industry. He is recognized as a top attorney in the city of New York and beyond. He has an impressive record of winning cases and draws clients from various multinational companies.


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