JD.Com Helps Sell More Zongi Dumplings With Data-Driven Market Insights

In China, millions of people love a kind of dumpling made from a sticky rice and meat mixture that is wrapped in a bamboo leaf. This deeply traditional food is called a zongi. One of the most prominent providers of delicious zongi is Wu Zang Zhai, a company with a strong reputation and excellent brand recognition in China.

Now Wu Zang Zhai has teamed up with China’s largest retailer, the e-commerce giant JD.Com, also known as Jingdong. Together, the two companies are selling more zongi than ever before. Data-driven and high-tech marketing capabilities afforded by the JD.Com platform has made it possible.

Every year in June China celebrates its Dragon Boat Festival. One of the most popular dishes served during this event are zongi dumplings. JD and Wu Zang Zhai decided the kick-off of the Dragon Boat Festival would be a good time to offer a special sale on zongi dumplings. The result was that on June 1 more than 47 tons of zongi dumplings were sold in a single day! Sales have continued to soar thereafter.

In fact, sales of zongi on the JD.Com platform have skyrocketed by 120% per year. The partnership between Wu Zang Zhai began in 2015. Since then, the two powerhouse sellers have been blowing the lid off the zongi market. One of the ways they have made that happen is to customize the flavor of zongi dumplings based on region. For example, JD data shows that people in northern China generally prefer zongi made with a sweater meat mixture while the people of southern China prefer a more salty flavor.

But a deeper dive into the data revealed even more insights. As it turns out, demographics showed that significant numbers of southern Chinese residents were relocating to northern China. This key, critical factor allowed Wu Zang Zhai to adjust its marketing strategy to sell saltier zongi in northern China.

Another factor involved packaging. JD.Com data proved that if zongi was packaged in a more robust, heavier bamboo box, it would be more appealing to consumers than zongi offered in a paper box. Making this adjustment resulted in more sales.

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