JD.com Distributes Grand Tokaj Wine to Consumers

JD has recently partnered up with a Hungarian winery known as Grand Tokaj. The two entities have agreed to distribute the tasty wine to consumers throughout China. With this partnership, Jingdong will be able to sell a foreign wine that will likely appeal to consumers. For Grand Tokaj, it will have a dependable distributor to sell its wine on a regular basis. As well as selling the wine, Jingdong will also help provide market research to give Grand Tokaj feedback on what Chinese consumers are looking for in wine. This will help the entity make wine products that consumers will enjoy. JD has also agreed to help with the logistics by shipping the wine to consumers as well.

The Grand Tokaj wine is part of a Hungarian national winery supported by the government. Grand Tokaj wine originates from the historic Tokaj region where it is distilled by raisined grapes. This allows the wine to be very sweet and tasty. When it comes to making the wine, the process dates back to the 17th century so it has been a very old tradition. With a wine making process that includes noble rot, Grand Tokaj wine has become one of the most popular in the entire world.

When the Grand Tokaj wine was first put on the market, it sold many units within a short period of time. Within ten hours of being sold through JD, the Grand Tokaj wine sold 1,000 units and accumulated 400,000 followers on the internet. As a result, the wine has become very popular among Chinese consumers according to Jingdong. The most common customers who buy this wine are young women. Chinese consumers prefer foreign wine as around 75% of the population purchases wine made by foreign wineries.

Jingdong is honored to be the main distributor of the Grand Tokaj wine. It believes that the product is one of the most popular and is one that Chinese consumers are likely to keep purchasing in the near future. For Grand Tokaj, it has now been able to distribute its wine to the Asian markets. As a result, the Grand Tokaj wine has helped both JD and Grand Tokaj drastically increase their revenues and profits.

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