JD.com: Converting Competitors to Partners

There has been a world threat upon the survival of traditional bookstores in the current era. The challenge has been attributed to the falling traffic and sales in line with the level of competition. But JD.com has moved in to salvage the matter and level the playing field for China’s traditional bookstores. As a leader in the e-commerce industry, JD.com owns its personalized online book business. The firm took up the initiative in offering solutions through book procurement, technology, and logistics to over 50 traditional bookstores. Some of the bookstores under the strategy include AIO Space, Yitiao and RaaS.

With the Jingdong strategy in play, the firm offers a wide host of technology and related services to the firms which range from restaurants, consumer goods manufacturers and retailers. The use of the technology was instigated by JD.com to assist in the modernization of the supply chains and result in the increased sales for the traditional stores. A good example of the partners with JD.com is the Tanging Books which has over 60 book suppliers. Through the partnership, Jingdong helps in sourcing the books from the inventory of the firm. The move has enabled the key offline bookstores to gain a competitive edge under the current technological era. The limitations in space have been a major challenge for the bookstores in meeting the needs of the customers.

Apart from the retail side, JD.com also has a hand in cutting the delivery costs through the speedy shipments as testified by Wang Shun Ge. The restaurant has reported significant changes since adopting the digital procurement of kitchen logistics and ingredients. JD.com hails as one of the largest e-commerce platforms. It also ranks as the biggest internet firm in terms of revenue in China. The firm has been setting the standards when it comes to online shopping offering a new customer experience. It has a strong stance when it comes to commitment to quality, and authenticity in the wide array of products offered. Jingdong offers a wide array of products ranging from fresh food, clothing, cosmetics, and electronics. They have a fast-paced network which offers a wide coverage that covers over 2 billion users.