JD.com CHINA’s Biggest Online Retailer

JD.com is China’s biggest Internet company by revenue as JD sets high standards for online shopping by committing to quality, and authentic product offerings. JD.com is trying to provide data-driven insights about how to cater to Chinese customers better. The Chinese market really appreciates Huggies diapers and Head and Shoulders Shampoo. Customer satisfaction with the Huggies brand involves a new composite material version instead of wood pulp. The new collection made 62% from Huggies sales on JD. The material does not become rough when soiled, because it has been designed in a more comfortable manner for long-term wear. On JD.com, they have a 104-diaper package that has proven wildly successful for the brand.

The Chinese want to be more aware of environmental concerns with Head and Shoulders, an anti-dandruff shampoo sold worldwide. They are concerned about the environmental friendliness and chemical composition of the products used. Natural hair care arose from the JD.com platform understanding how its customers shop online. JD.com works hard at having an unparalleled understanding of consumer behavior. JD.com is partners with Michelin tires in the Chinese market, an offline automotive initiative. Customers are willing to buy authentic products delivered to offline service centers.

JD.com is China’s largest retailer by far. JD has an AI accelerator that serves as a major incubator for AI technology. There is a Q&A platform that benefits JD’s suppliers, investment and financing. Entrepreneurs have to deal with a shortage of lawyers in China.

China may be short on lawyers but is also high in AI startups. JD.com offers support services to get them off the ground. The AI Accelerator program has 16 startups there from the beginning, where they have access to JD’s research and development, product, management, financing, legal, marketing, and other areas. The second batch includes 17 new startups.

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