Jacob Gottlieb Biography.

Jacob Gottlieb was born in New York as the first born of two boys. His parents are emigrants from Poland. Gottlieb’s father Max Gottlieb Ph.D., is an economics’ professor, in the New York’s City University, while Dr. Helena Gottlieb, his mother, is a pediatrician. This could be an explanation as to why D. Gottlieb is attracted to both medicine and business.

He graduated with great honors from Brown University with a BA in economics after which he went to New York University Medical School. He graduated magna cum laude with a doctorate degree in Medicine (M.D.). Gottlieb went to St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York for his internship in internal medicine. However, Gottlieb was greatly attracted to the stock market and finance, which motivated him to source for a financial job over his medical career.

In 1998, Gottlieb got his first job at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC. as a buy-side analyst. Gottlieb shifted to Merlin Biomed Group, a hedge fund in London in 2000, as a healthcare investment portfolio manager. After one year in Merlin, Dr. Gottleib was absorbed by Balyasny Asset Management as a partner in the multistrategy hedge fund. He carefully builds his reputation and team and by 2004 he was the highest earning.

Desiring to do more, Gottlieb left BAM in 2005 and together with his team they founded Visium Asset Management, LLC. At Visium, Dr. Gottlieb is the Chief Investment Officer. This is a hedge fund that has its focus on health care and has an asset base of 3.5 billion under its management. It was through Gottlieb’s experience in healthcare stocks as a portfolio manager that the firm was founded. Visium Balanced Fund is a long-short equity health care fund, a flagship product for Visium, with assets of $2.4 billion. Despite the firm having attained such success, Gottlieb is still planning to expand it to a multiproduct, multistrategy powerhouse.

Jacob Gottlieb is an avid researcher, who gets into a rigorous review process together with individual portfolio managers, unraveling all possible weaknesses and come up with the optimal way, to execute a trade.

Dr. Gottlieb started trading as early as the seventh grade when he traded in baseball cards. He also won in the school’s stock-picking contest which motivated his dad to open him a trading account. Gottlieb also collaborated with his friends and opened a soda and snacks kiosk at a local golf course, targeting the golfers.

He is soft-spoken and very thoughtful. He views a doctor and a fund manager having similar values. Just like a doctor, a fund manager is a risk taker, a great planner, and a deep thinker, analyzing things from every angle. And that is exactly who he is.

Gottlieb is an active participant in charities. He has made several donations to Robin Hood, the largest poverty fighting organization in New York City. Robin Hood finances over 200 nonprofits through the donations made to them. They also provide management and real estate support to such organizations. Additionally, Gottlieb also participates in other nonprofit organizations such as Math for America and Covenant House.