Isabel Dos Santos Empowering Women Across Africa

Isabel Dos Santos attended the United Nations debate in New York where she talked about empowering African ladies since they can be a significant asset towards the economic development of a country (IsabeldosSantos).

Isabel is a very influential woman in Africa. Isabel’s words of motivation and hope have motivated numerous African citizens. Her words of motivation are majorly focused on when they have encouraged women to work towards attaining their aspirations.

According to Isabel Dos Santos, Africa holds many well-accomplished individuals; this is because Africa as a continent has several business-minded individuals. Most of them are already recognized globally. Africa is, however, lagging as a country due to the discrimination of women in pursuing different occupations. Isabel dos Santos herself has faced sexism and discrimination. The discrimination of women has created a considerable dent in Africa’s economy since it has denied the continent of creative and innovative individuals. Women are denied the opportunity of attaining their goals.

According to Isabel Dos Santos, Africa’s negative attitude towards women working can be altered. She believes she can transform the mind of African citizens. Isabel has confidence that if women are given similar prospects as men, they can grow and become successful. By giving them chances to learn and employment opportunities, women can have self-confidence in themselves and their abilities. Isabel Dos Santos believes that she can put her philosophy in use to alter people’s view of women.

Isabel’s philosophy states that ‘first the seed then the future.’, the seeds, in this case, are women. The seeds need to be planted; the statement indicates that women need to be given the right to freedom. Women can achieve independence once people learn on the disadvantages of stigmatization and once employment opportunities are created for women.

Isabel Dos Santos philosophy urges for step by step growth instead of sudden change. Isabel has faith in the fact that women can become financially stable and provide the country with economic benefit. Isabel majors her efforts in Angola, where she grew up. Isabel talks to young citizens of the country on the strength of business opportunities. Isabel talks about accomplished African citizens and terms them as the ‘great family.’

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