Isabel Dos Santos Emphasizes Technology’s Importance In Africa During “Africa Summit 2019”

As one of the richest businesswoman in the continent, as well as one of the biggest advocates of digital literacy, Isabel Dos Santos stated that the next revolution in Africa will be digital. She also mentioned in the “Africa Summit 2019”, which was held in Brussels, that one of the most important aspects of this revolution is the education so that the population will be able to use the technology.

During the African Summit this year, which was held last January 9, Isabel Dos Santos stated that one of the biggest challenges in Africa is “how to be digital“. The summit was organized by the European Reformists and Conservatives, which is a part of the European Parliament. Dos Santos is currently the president of Unitel, Angola’s leading telecommunication company and is one of the pioneers of making leveling up the technology in the country and the whole continent.

One of the plans that Isabel Dos Santos has in mind is the digital revolution. In this plan, the target would be more e-commerce transactions and more convenient banking system by digital banking. Dos Santos also plans to help integrate technology in public transport and security sector with affordable prices. The businesswoman believes that technology will help in improving the quality of life while optimizing the cost that will be incurred. Visit on her twitter for updates.

Meanwhile, the Angolan businesswoman believes that the agricultural sector needs to be competitive, and one of the things that will improve it is state-of-the-art agricultural technology. Dos Santos pointed out that the goal is to empower governments and populations around Africa and also to stop the stigma of using new concepts. The Angolan businesswoman plans to focus on technological development in order to attract more investment, as well as the creation of stability and employment. This is also one of the ways to retain young talent in the continent.

Isabel Dos Santos is known as one of the most famous entrepreneurs of Angola and in the whole of Africa. She is the daughter of the Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, one of Angola’s former presidents. Aside from Unitel, she is also an executive member of EFACEC, Winterfell, and other companies.

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