How Wes Edens Built His Remarkable Investment Career

Wes Edens is one of the prominent business personalities that have built their brands in the industry over the years. He has made significant strides in many business portfolios through his expertise in entrepreneurship. Edens graduated from Oregon State in 1984 after pursuing his degree in Business Administration and Finance. He started his investment career three years later by becoming a partner with Lehman Brothers. His tenure as the company’s Managing Director ended on October 1993. Edens then joined Blackrock Financial Management Inc. in the same capacity and served the company until May 1997. Join Linkedin to see Wes Eden’s full profile.

According to Wes Edens during one of his latest interviews with the Jamaican Observer, Lehman Brothers built the foundation of his success. He admitted that although the company operated as a small money entity, it helped him raise his first fund. After leaving Blackrock, Edens decided to hold the bull by the horns and start his first company. He collaborated with Randall Nardone and Robb Kauffman to start Fortress Investment Group in 1998, a year after leaving Blackrock. The company is the source of his outstanding wealth because of its excellent performance over the years.

Wes Edens has led Fortress Investment Group in different capacities as the company continues to diversify its operations. Besides being the company’s Principal and President, Edens has played a significant role in overseeing the company’s progress in the industry as the Private Equity Chief Investment Officer. The company is a private entity in the equity fund industry. Wes has facilitated various strategies as the Private Equity’s head, and co-Chairperson since 2009. Edens took over the company’s leadership as the co-Chief Executive Officer from December 2017 to date.

Since Fortress Investment Group started New Fortress Energy LLC, Wes Edens has worked as the company’s Chairman. Besides, he has worked as a Director and Chief Executive Officer from August 2018 to date. He was among the wealthiest 500 individuals in 2007 thanks to the excellent performance of the company. Fortress has diversified its operations to rail transport and banking sector through collaborating with Richard Branson and SoftBank Group respectively. Wes Edens has expanded his business to sports through the purchase of Milwaukee Bucks, a famous basketball club. He bought the club in 2014 for $ 550 million, but the club’s current value exceeds $1.6 billion.

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