How the Richest Woman in Africa Is Empowering Those Around Her: Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos may have been born to the former president of Angola, but today, she is celebrated for carving out her path. She is a business mogul, one of Africa’s best. Her achievements stem from her excellent upbringing and the support she gets from her family. Together with her husband, they raise three children.

Being the eldest child and a girl did not earn her any favors with her parents. Like her male siblings, Isabel dos Santos was taught never to view herself as lesser than any other person and to always aim high. At eighteen, she was encouraged to pursue careers that were challenging and convinced that she was capable of doing them. She chose to pursue Electrical Engineering at King’s College in London.

Giving Back to the Society

Because Isabel was lucky to receive a good education, she now purposes to uplift others. Giving back is a huge part of her and she encourages her employees to do the same for it is bettering society.

Her charity efforts include donating and partnering with a children’s pediatric hospital. Isabel dos Santos also ran a campaign against Malaria to raise awareness countrywide. For sick children and those underprivileged, they organize a day full of fun activities and adventure to engage them. Recently, they began Christmas telethon that has seen an increase in partnerships for undertaking these charity activities to help the communities in need. Isabel dos Santos’ main focus lies in supporting children, their education, and healthcare as well (Twitter)..


Isabel dos Santos grew her wealth through acquiring stakes in companies while Jose Eduardo dos Santos, her father, was president. She has a keen eye for telecoms and has invested in Nos SGPS, a telecom and cable television service provider in Portugal. She has business interests in Portugal and Angola.

Achievements and Honours

Isabel is valued at over 2.4 billion USD by Forbes. For a year before her father stepped down, she was at the helm of Sonangol, the national oil firm of Angola. In November of 2015, Isabel dos Santos was among 100 Most Influential Women.

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