How the OSI Group Grew Into What It is Today

The OSI Group is a company everyone might familiar with if they have eaten fast food. They were the first supplier of hamburger for the McDonalds restaurant chain. Since 1955 they have been a partner in the McDonald’s food chain and since then the OSI Group has become an international company in 17 different countries. The history of the OSI Group predates is more extensive than just their relationship with McDonald’s as the company has been around since 1909. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who moved to Chicago in 1907 and it two years managed to start a small retail store. In 1928 Otto Kolschowsky rebranded his business into Otto & Sons.

From the 1950s onwards Otto & Sons would continue making decisions that would evolve it into the national supplier it is today. McDonald’s became Otto & Sons primary focus and in the 1960s a technological break would help revolutionize both businesses. The process of flash freezing meat allowed McDonald’s to serve more customers and open new locations which in turn helped Otto & Sons expand. When McDonald’s main Otto & Sons one of its four core suppliers the company built a plant solely for supplying McDonald’s in West Chicago. In 1975 the company changed its name to OSI Industries to reflect its change into a global supplier.

OSI Group would not stop growing after a lucrative partnership with McDonald’s. After becoming McDonald’s core supplier, OSI Group focused its efforts on expanding internationally with great success in Europe and Asia. In 2001 China became a member of the world trade organization and OSI capitalized on the new market. Now OSI sells a variety of products from meat to not meat products. Research and development is still a key part of the companies’ operation as they seek to continue innovating. Recently they have been known for their great environmental efforts and have been recognized for doing so with several awards.

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