How Rocketship Education Ensures Your Child’s Success

For over ten years, Rocketship Education has been serving the disadvantaged communities all over the country. The school was founded by Preston Smith and John Danner back in 2006 with an aim to eliminate the achievement gap of the underserved communities. Since its founding, Rocketship has been determined to provide the teacher-led and technology supported approach to each student and helping them with the right content at the right time.

Till today, their goals remains to serve the best learning, and despite them being in the limelight as one of the pioneers of enhanced public education, they are still trying to provide better ways to their students and community.

Here are some of the things that Rocketship Education has used to achieve so much in the past 10 years:

Involved parents in the program

Rocketship Education understands that putting the parents in the driver’s seat is the key to catalyze the movement of high-quality public education. Their parent leadership program has helped in attracting leaders’ attention, hold them accountable and enabled the system to thrive.

Integrate personalized learning

Understanding the unique needs and interest of each student has been one of the key focus in the Rocketship Education. Practices like the annual home visits have been used to achieve a stronger relationship with families and get a more in-depth understanding of how to help the rocketeers.

The meaningful inclusion of all kids and culturally response

Students from different races, ethnicity, class, creed or education needs can attend the Rocketship public schools. At the school, various programs are used to develop the entire school community and help all students as they discover their potential.

The school also value diversity and delivers strategies that help in appealing to diverse students from a different background. They ensure that their students have experienced benefits of teacher diversity.

Building a continuous learning culture

Teachers in Rocketship are determined learners and embraces the culture of constant strive to master their practice despite the years of experience you might have. This ensures that they are only giving the best and improving the students’ outcome.

Despite the fact that this is a public school, Rocketship has high learning standard just like that of a private school. It gives hope for public education and eliminates the achievement gap in our lifetime.