How Did Securus Technologies Make a Prison Safer?

It is true that Securus Technologies has made life inside the prison easier and safer for all, from officers, guests, to inmates, but how this technology changed an industry is a unique story in and of itself. As a corrections officer in a very dangerous prison, I know firsthand how the inmate call monitoring system that was installed by Securus Technologies has created a way for the staff of the prison to take back the control they have been losing in recent years.


Securus Technologies is based in Texas, and the company has a single objective of making the world safe. All thousand employees of Securus Technologies and the CEO all work towards that objective, and it is evident in the fact several thousand jails in this country already have the system up and running and making their locations that much safer. We had to be trained to use the LBS software, and once we did, the change in the security of our facility changed overnight.


The inmates in our jail have an issue with authority because of their gang affiliations and the fact they are in a facility that is overcrowded. Now add drugs and weapons into that mix, and violence is assured. The Securus Technologies system works in place of several officers, carefully scanning the calls that the inmates make inside the jail, and alerting my team if chatter pertaining to drugs or weapons is heard.


Now if the inmates want to talk about having friends bring drugs to the jail so they can sneakily do an exchange, we take action first. When inmates are planning an attack or taking orders from a gang leader, we make the first move to eliminate the threat first. These inmates can’t help to say things on the phone even though they know we listen in on them.