How Boraie Development Helps Families In New Brunswick

An article on New Jersey Stage reports about the New Brunswick State Theatre’s free summer movies program. Throughout the summer families can attend a series of popular family-friendly movies such as Babe, Monsters University, Frozen, and Despicable Me 2. The free movies are sponsored by two organizations, Omar Boraie and The Provident Bank Foundation. On the days they have showing they will show each movie twice, once in the morning and then again in the evening.

In addition to families attending the movies, they are also open to summer camps and other groups of children. Commenting for Boraie Development, Vice President Hiam Boraie said that his family-owned business was very proud to continue being a sponsor of the free movies series. He also commented on how the State Theatre is a historic venue that he was gratified to be associated with. Speaking on behalf of The Provident Bank Foundation, Executive Director Jane Kurek said that it was a thrill to be able to help all types of families get to attend free movies at the State Theatre. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

According to NJ Biz, a Vice President at the State Theatre, Anna Marie Gewirtz, said that one of the missions of the organization was to provide affordable entertainment that is also family-friendly. They hold other free events throughout the year in addition to the free summer movies program. She thanked both sponsors and said that over the course of the summer about 7,500 people will be attending the movies.

Like many cities across the United States, New Brunswick had been in a steady decline due to a number of factors. Things began to turn around in 1975 when Johnson & Johnson decided to maintain their headquarters in the city. The city began to be rebuilt with old and vacant buildings being leveled and replaced by new structures. One of the companies that played a major part in this rebuilding effort is Boraie Development. The first tower they completed added a much-needed place for people to live as well as office and retail space.

The latest building Boraie Development placed in New Brunswick is The Aspire. It is a 17-story high luxury residential tower. It is located beside a train station which goes to New York City. Another Vice President at the company, Wasseem Boraie, has said that it is comparable to the luxury towers that exist in Manhattan.

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