How Alec Sellem Succeeded in Gold Mining and Refining Business

Alec Sellem is one of the renowned figures in the gold mining industry. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sellem Industries, a company that operates from England. Alec oversees the company’s daily operations, ensuring its full efficiency. He also works hard to provide safe and conducive working conditions for his employees. Sellem’s unmatched expertise in gold mining and refining is out of this world hence the success of the company in the competitive industry.

Although Alec Sellem is a French national operating from England, his company mines gold in Senegal, and Sierra Leone working closely with the community as a way of making their lives better. Sellem Industries has a foundation that resonates well with the community members by helping them in matters related to education and agriculture. The Foundation has built many village schools to the delight of the needy children.

Additionally, the company is an economic hub by creating employment opportunities as a way of maintaining an inclusive relationship. According to Alec Sellem, the unique approach to the business is the pillar to its success and growth. Many mining and refining companies face resistance from the communities because of environmental issues. Sellem Industries has continued to build a strong relationship with the community over the years because of his unique managerial tactics.

Alec Sellem admitted in an interview that he decided to invest in the gold mining and refining business after realizing loopholes in the industry. Sellem noted that the gold sold in the Western refineries came from small-scale African miners unable to refine it at home. In that connection, he worked closely with the governments, tax authorities, miners, and intermediaries to set up a refinery in Africa. Alec points out that global change in business and technology played a critical role in the company’s growth. Besides, his aggressiveness in addressing obstacles in the market keeps him growing stronger in the industry.

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