Half-Billion Patent Purchase Completed By HGGC

During the summer, HGGC finalized their acquisition of the patent risk and management services provider, RPX. The company itself had spent more than $2 billion to purchase over 23,000 patents since they founded their company in 2008. In May 2018, RPX made an announcement they were planning to sell their company shares to HGGC for around $10.50 in cash per share. This transaction was valued at a total of more than $555 million.

Who Is HGGC?

HGGC is a limited liability corporation and private equity firm which specializes in platform investments, growth equity, recapitalizations, leveraged buyouts, corporate carve-outs and more to both public and mid-cap private companies. As an equity firm, they seek investments in consumer products, business services, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, chemicals, industrial services, software, information services and technology sector services. They focus primarily on investments located in North America. Periodically, they will take advantage of good investment opportunities outside of the country.

Expansion Of Executive Appointments Within HGGC

Recently, the company announced they were planning on expanding their team with the addition of six new members. These hires are going to be added to their operations, financial and investment functions departments. Each of these new team hires come from blue-chip business and financial brands to ensure the company has the bandwidth and talent needed to successfully execute their new investment strategy and continue to foster their portfolio. They are looking to continue on their current growth trajectory.

HGGC Expands FPX Investment With New Funding

It was recently announced that FPX was going to be receiving a new round of funding from their funding partner. The amount to be received was not immediately disclosed. The company is offering the new round of funding so FPX will be able to build on their global expansion, accelerate their product development and continue enhancing their strategic and channel partnerships. The company is known for their successful investments in companies which are competing for e-commerce platforms and other related applications. They have been the funding partner for notable investments such as MyWebGrocer, Hybris and Selligent. FPX is on the verge of realizing the great opportunity they have to dominate the competitive CPQ market.