Gustavo Martinez Knows The Recipe To Success In The Marketing And Advertising Industry

Longevity in a career nowadays is almost unfathomable. Most people switch careers many times over their lifetime.

Gustavo Martinez is not one of these people. He has worked in the marketing and advertising market for over 35 years. For an industry that is built on fresh new ideas and inspiration, it’s got to be incredibly hard to keep a career in it.

Gustavo current job is as a leader at U.V. Business Solutions. He works with a team who he helps direct, inspire, and lead to greatness. If he could go back in time, Mr. Martinez would advise himself to be more patient and learn from others.

The more diverse ideas you can learn from people in different situations, the better. The marketing and advertising consultant has worked for many of the world’s biggest agencies and companies.

Some of them include J. Walter Thompson Worldwide as their chief executive officer. He also worked at Olgilvy and Mather and the McCann Worldgroup as their president. Most of his positions at these companies has been in leadership roles.

Mr. Martinez attended the University of Navarra’s IESE Business School. He earned a PDG in the general management program. Gustavo continued on his educational pursuit to the Universitat de Barcelona. He earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in economics. Gustavo now resides in Barcelona, Spain where he works.

A typical day consists of working all day long. His colleagues refer to him as a workaholic, a fitting role for the marketing and advertising consultant. The professional works from 9am to 9pm.

This is truly an indication of his passion and dedication to his craft. That is why he has had longevity in this particular industry.

Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to the marketing and advertising industry.

Unlike any other industry, you just don’t get employees to clock in to work, do their shift, and clock out. In the advertising field, you need to build on creativity,inspiration, and team work. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase


As a leader and consultant, Gustavo Martinez has to keep the level of energy and inspiration very high. This is literally their bread and butter. If his team is not truly inspired and motivated, then nothing gets accomplished.

The hiring process is crucial to this industry. Companies will go all out to hire the best talent around. They will pay big money to get the best. Some say it’s like a professional sport at times.

Get the best talent, and reap the best rewards. Gustavo Martinez recommends other entrepreneurs always operate on a level of generosity and kindness. Be open and willing to work with many people who have different ideas than you. Be truly open to those ideas. You never know what will comes of them.

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