Gustavo Martinez and Being Compelling

Gustavo Martinez is one professional that realizes that it is important to put your best foot forward. This is true for individuals and for companies. Why?


This is because when one individual is able to do their best they are able to glean great value and give to humanity. When they give the best of themselves they are able to create an amazing world that is full of joy and peace and comfort.



Gustavo Martinez is an advertising professional who knows the value of keeping things presented in an amazing manner. As such, he will dive into different companies that are able to embody this aspect in their lives and do well.


This is why Gustavo Martinez is one respected professional.



But Fair is Marching On


The Fair for Uber program might be constricted due to a number of factors, but none of that is holding the company back from providing its solutions.


As mentioned above, Fair had launched the Uber campaign with much fervor, where it advertised its rental solutions with super noticeable offers such as giving the first week of rentals free of cost. That effort alone earned the company some positive press, and also spread awareness about its larger operations.


As compared to traditional leasing companies, Fair is currently lagging behind in the race of providing car rentals. But since it has identified that renting instead of selling is the name of the game for future generations, it is definitely on to something with its overall business vertical.


It has been noted that younger generations, particularly Millennials, do not care much about having their own car. To them, it is all about experience, and what better experience is there than driving a different car each week – with no penalty on trading it in for a new one?


Since Fair is driving away from the traditional leasing model that comes with complex contractual agreements and heavy penalties for cancellation, it is appealing to those who want to lease cars but without these factors.


And the way Fair’s operations work digitally without one having to unnecessarily walk to a dealership only adds to its value proposition. Particularly for potential ride-sharing drivers, this seems like a win-win situation, since they are getting cars with unlimited mileage that do not have any restrictions for personal use.


In this program, the requirements might exist for driving a car with Uber and completing a certain number of trips, but the aforementioned benefits and the low cost justify that stipulation quite effectively.


It only remains to be seen how Fair scales its operations from here onward, and if the Fair for Uber program gains the traction that both companies require from such a program.


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