Gino Pozzo Succeeds In Turning Watford Football Club Around

As someone passionate about football, Gino Pozzo has owned three European football clubs. These are Udinese Calcio F.C., Gibraltar F.C., and Watford F.C. Both of his parents, Gianpaola and Giuliana Pozzo, avid football enthusiasts who rubbed off on him in a big way.

It was in 1986 that his family bought its first football club. This was the Udinese club which was purchased with profits made from the tool-making company they owned. His family also owns an appliance business in Spain and does property and finance mergers.

Under this family’s leadership, the Udinese team has become one of the best teams in Italy. When they bought this club, it was in Serie B which is one of the lower football leagues in Italy. Three seasons later it was playing in Italy’s best league, the Champions League.

Gino Pozzo bought Watford Football Club in 2012. His goal was to turn the club around just like he had done at Udine and Gibraltar. He went through several managers and head coaches to do so. He also traded players back and forth with other clubs, including the ones in Udine and Gibraltar. The result was that he took a team playing in the United Kingdom’s Fourth Division to its top league, the Premier League, in just three years.

He calls football a long-term project. It’s impossible to know how things will play out over just one or two years. He says that a pragmatic approach is the right one. He focuses on building a stable environment that doesn’t rely on any one manager, head coach, or player. This way if a coach moves on for whatever reason, the organization can continue on with another one.