Gino Pozzo Believes His Fortunes are Pegged on Investments in the Football World

Gino Pozzo is the ultimate football club owner. He has an ownership stake in three clubs across three different countries, all playing in the respective nation’s top-flight football league. Since joining the world of football management in 1993, he has not looked back and regretted his decision.

In 1993, Gino Pozzo took over the management of Udinese Calcio Football Club in Italy. His father had invested in the club in 1986, but it was performing poorly, and it was also in debt. However, Gino Pozzo turned around the club’s fortunes using a new business model focused on scouting for talent and making new signings. Within a few years, not only was the club not in debt, but it joined the Champions League from Serie B.

Skeptics would say Gino Pozzo succeeded due to sheer luck, but he proved himself once again when he acquired Granada FC in 2009. Given the club was operating in a different country altogether, no one would assume his replicated success at the club was due to luck. Granada FC was also riddled in debt and it was performing dismally in the Spaniard Third Division football league. However, through new signings and a hands-on management approach where he actively took part in choosing players who would join the club, Gino Pozzo turned Granada FC into a profit-making machine.

In 2012, Gino Pozzo bought the Watford Football Club which in his typical investment fashion, was also struggling to stay afloat due to debts weighing down on it. The club was also participating in the UK’s Fourth Division. To focus his efforts on turning the club around, he moved to London. Here, he brought in new signings who eventually got the team into the Premier League after four years.

To give his new club the attention it needs to survive in the world’s top football league, Gino Pozzo sold off some of his shares at Granada FC. He believes Watford FC is his best in the world of football in the coming future.