Flavio Maluf, businessman and Activist

Flavio Maluf, CEO of Eucatex, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of flooring, laminate doors, and wall paneling, has an impressive record of making environmentally friendly business decisions. He does this primarily through reforestation and protection of forests against fires.

Eucatex was founded in 1951 after his father and uncle, both working at a saw mill, decided to utilize the eucalyptus trees in the production of ordinary finish construction products. This background has brought with it sensitivity for the sustainability of forests. After cutting down a portion of the forest for the creation of its products, Eucatex replants the area for future growth. For more information about Flavio, view his crunchbase profile.

Along with reforestation, Eucatex has taken the initiative of implementing fire protection on many forests, especially during summer months in which wildfires are at their peak. This includes construction of non-vegetated regions known as “fire stops”, regular fire patrols, and implementation of safety procedures that reduce the risk of worker created fires.

Furthermore, Flavio Maluf has implemented and Environmental Education Program called “Casa da Natureza”. The program partners with local governments and schools to educate students and local companies alike on the methods of proper forest management, Preservation of the local environment, and the importance of eucalyptus as a raw material. Having delivered its message to over 27,000 people already, the program is regarded as successful.

Flavio is not only concerned with protection of the environment. He is passionate about the local business communities in which the various branches of Eucatex are located. Eucatex provides generous funds to several forest communities engaged in the work of apiculture. The intent is to help beekeepers produce honey and generate wealth in regions that are otherwise destitute. Also, Eucatex provides over 1,000 jobs to the local communities in which it is located.

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