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High-end photos with everything a girl could want, mixed tastefully with inspirational quotes from some of the world’s most renowned men and women are to be found on the page. Eye-catching shots feature everything from Coco Chanel to good, old-fashioned blue jeans. Who doesn’t want the best clothes, curated for their authenticity and the highest quality?

This San Francisco Bay Area company is taking the industry by storm. Their stringent authentication process alone makes this a company worth checking out. You can guarantee that you will not get a fake through The RealReal.

Another thing to love about this company is that they take the time to really connect with their clientele, offering advice on everything from trends to the history of their unique pieces. There is also a great deal of advice for those seeking to obtain the best price for their consignment goods. The videos share useful information in not only verifying authenticity, but also how to obtain the highest price for the items you wish to sell.

This company was started by Julie Wainwright, who is quite inspirational herself. She founded the company after making a fresh start later in life. Her venture has paid off in many ways. She has shown that it is never too late to do what you love and make your an indelible mark in the world.