Felipe Montoro Jens: An Infrastructure Development Expert

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is an icon of hope in the realm of business and finance in Brazil. His career is noteworthy for his expertise in spearheading infrastructure projects in the country. Felipe is a graduate of two degrees. He has a degree in history and Spanish and a degree in business administration. He also holds a masters degree in Kinesiology and health promotion. In addition, he holds a postgraduate degree in business administration.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a go-getter who dedicates all his energy in that which he desires to achieve. He has helped organizations and companies to offset infrastructure projects in Brazil. He has also gone further to help and advice the government to focus on private-public partnerships. The partnership is a mutual agreement between the Brazilian government and businesses to help elevate and grow the private sector.

He gained his experience in infrastructure development and finance when he was working for Enel group S.P.A. he also worked at Paulo Oliveiro de Melo where he leveraged ethical business strategies. Due to his expertise and a clean record, he has earned positions in several boards of management. He currently delegates his services as a consultant while still holding other supreme positions in various companies.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, success comes with dedication and commitment. He strives to remain focused on his goals in order to deliver unique life-changing ideas. The ideas should be strong enough to increase organization revenue and profit. He goes further to say that as an organization employee one should strive to contribute to producing results which exceed customer expectations.

Felipe goes on to say that an individual should not dwell on his past. Dwelling on your past makes you a slave to fear. The best thing to do is to develop action plans to achieve your goals. Then gather relevant information and strength to implement your ideas.

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