Fabletics Competes at a Higher Level

Fabletics started out as a new Internet clothing company that was selling athletic gear to women in the United States. This would grow into a company that was selling online to women in Canada. A couple of years would pass and this company would then grow to cater to an Australian crowd. As more time has passed people have discovered that Fabletics is a company that is expanding with more than 100 stores in the next five years.

This is an amazing company that has managed to become a leader in athletic gear, and the buzz continues because there is a lot of brand recognition. Kate Hudson is still marketing Fabletics very heavily, but there are millions of people that shop online that already know about this brand. The thing that Kate is trying to do is get the attention of the millions of customers that may never shop online. This is what the brick and mortar stores will do.

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Another thing that will be good for brick and mortar stores is online subscriptions. There will be sales associates in stores that can totally improve the subscription numbers because more people are going to learn about subscriptions. This is very important because this is a large part of the profits for Fabletics. So many people have started to use this subscription service because it is easier to do this than it is to shop for clothes. The online shopping experience has changed so much. It is certainly a lot more convenient, but there are still some people that just do not like to shop.

There is a high level of growth that is connected with Fabletics because Kate Hudson is linked to such a hot concept right now. There is athleisure clothing that is totally changing the world of gym gear. More people are getting familiar with this type of clothing, and they are certainly pleased with the comfort of these clothes.

Fabletics has become the leader in this type of gym clothing on Facebook, and everyone is praising what Kate Hudson is doing with the brand. She is appearing on the cover of magazines. Hudson is doing interviews with people and talking about the brand. She is giving the brand every chance to succeed by promoting to the masses.

Learn more about Fabletics: https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics

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