Entrepreneur Smita Shah shares tips on how women can succeed and move up in the workplace

Smita Shah is a successful female entrepreneur and engineer that shares 10 tips in an article from Premier Gazette on how other women can be successful in a male-dominated world. Shah is all about women’s empowerment, and she believes that anyone can be successful if they put in the work. The entrepreneur describes herself as a nerd growing up as she excelled in school completing math problems, participating in relays to display her skills and putting them to the test. She is widely regarded for creating her own engineering company called SPAAN Tech, Inc., which is listed as one of the top engineering firms. The establishment is able to take on many tasks and has grown tremendously since its start. Smita Shah likes to devote her time to helping other women climb the ladder and be successful like her. Shah has seen that many times, women tend to fail in the business world because they do not believe that they can excel next to the other males and that they do not have high self-esteem. It can be difficult for them to see themselves in high positions off of the fact that many are not leaders in the industry. However, Shah states that women need to show that they can lead and be CEOs like men. The engineer states that there are many female-owned businesses in the world and that in her view it just takes a lot of hard work and talent for any woman to be successful. The first tip that she shares is to believe and be confident in the abilities that they possess. She explains that women need to view themselves differently. Next, is believing in the worth that they can bring to the business. She explains that they need to be assertive and have some traits that men can have in the workplace to display leadership and dominance. Women need to be able to present themselves just like others with good posture and professional attire to make themselves presentable like others. One of the important ones that Smita Shah lists are for women to not let others take credit for what they have accomplished. Shah states that a woman will not be able to advance her career if she lets others walk all over her and take away from the story. The engineer lists that women need to focus on improving and not worry too much about mistakes or what can happen in the future. Smita Shah recommends for other women to not be too nice or do favors in the office that can have stereotypes attached to them. The engineer reflects in the next tip that they must step outside of their comfort zone to excel in the workplace. Another tactic that they can use to move up the ladder at work is to not accept being called by their first name but by last as a sign of respect. The last two tips that Smita Shah shares are for women to take some time off to relax and not bring work home all the time. Learn more: https://www.thechicagonetwork.org/members/smita-shah/


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