Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna Sums Up The Difference Between Great Companies And Other Ones


Nitin Khanna is an American entrepreneur that was born in India. After arriving in the United States he attended Purdue University, earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in industrial engineering. He started his professional career at International Paper where he was a manufacturing engineer. He also worked as a senior consultant at Oracle for four years before launching his own company.

He founded Saber Corp. in July 1998 and was its chairman of the board and chief executive officer. Saber Corp. is a company that develops software for governmental use, including to run elections. Nitin Khanna led this company for 10 years before selling it. He is now the CEO of MergerTech Advisors which advises companies engaged in mergers and acquisitions activities in the tech sector. As he puts it, his company helps entrepreneurs convert their work to wealth by selling their companies to financial buyers.

Nitin Khanna says that when he was growing up in India he was mostly educated at boarding schools. His father served in the military while the rest of his family was made up of entrepreneurs. His family operated all sorts of companies such as motorcycle parts suppliers and cement makers. After he completed his studies at Purdue University he started a Ph.D. program but changed his mind as he decided had enough education as it was.

He says that the primary role he has played at the companies he has founded is being the big picture person. Nitin Khanna enjoys setting the vision and mission of his companies. He also likes to set up a positive and effective work culture with people at the center of it. He says that the really big difference between great companies and other ones is the people that make it up.

At both Saber and MergerTech, he has focused on making sure that he hires the right people. His brother is also in high-profile positions at his companies and handles the operations side of the business. Nitin Khanna says he has some operations duties but he’s really more about setting the strategy.

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