Enhanced Athlete Wins Lawsuit Filed By Nutritional Distributor

Enhanced Athlete is a producer of nutritional products  for those looking to gain muscle fast. The company is based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming, but has field offices all across the glove including, South America, Asia and Europe. The company sells fat burners and liquid aminos. The company is known among the bodybuilding community for being one of the cheapest suppliers of expensive formulas and substances.


Enhanced Athlete was one of over 70 other suppliers of body building formulas that were charged by Nutrition Distribution for harming the nutritional product market. Nutrition Distribution claims that its competitors are falsely advertising what their products do and lowering the reputation of other suppliers, but this is simply not true.


Enhanced Athlete has won the lawsuit, along with many of the other companies that were sued by Nutrition Distribution. Enhanced Athlete says that Nutrition Distribution is the one that is not in the nutritional product business; Enhanced Athlete says that Nutrition Distribution is in the business of shaking down legitimate businessmen for small amounts of money that most would rather pay than oppose in court. Enhanced Athletes challenged Nutritional Distribution to show evidence that their business was harmed by its competitors and Nutritional Distribution was unable to provide proof.


“Enhanced Athlete is not going to be the next victim of Nutrition Distribution’s shakedown scheme,” said the current CEO of Enhanced Athlete, Scott Cavell.


Enhanced Athlete is just one of the many companies that have began to stand up to Nutrition Distribution.


About Enhanced Athlete


Enhanced Athlete doesn’t only sell nutritional and workout products . Through their sister companies, they also produce clothing and specialized nutritional packages meant for professional athletes and those who wish to go to the next level.


Enhanced Gear sells clothing intended for the body builder, athlete or workout junkie that wants clothing to match his or her attitude. They sell everything from underwear, to t-shirts and tank tops. Enhanced Gear also sells hoodies and shorts.


Enhanced Coaching is a more specialized brand of nutritional products , this is where you will find the more advanced formulas for the professional athlete or body builder. At Enhanced Coaching you will find EA’s C4 Original and their Gold Standard 100% Casein.